This is Connecter

Connecter is digital asset management software that aims to give you as much as possible visual information about your creative assets. It works directly with your local assets storage solutions and lets you and your team organize and use effectively all kinds of digital assets with its powerful tagging, filtering and search options. The ever growing number of integrations with other software products unlock workflows that will speed up your creative process.

Below you will find information about the latest changes and new features. Visit the website for more detailed overview of the app.

Major New Features

For the Unreal Engine users

For pruning your assets’ names

Batch Rename Assets

For the architects

For the 3d Max users

For the Blender community

For the PBR lovers

For the texture designers

For the Substance aficionados

Substance material support

For a deep dive into the archives

Explore Zip archives

For the pedantic asset library managers

For sound sleep at night

Workspace backup tool

For better support

Workspace backup tool

For everyone

Connecter is unique, because we - our team and you - make it unique. We don’t want you to be tied to a limited space and upload every new image you need in the library. That’s why you have the freedom to use your own harddisks, cloud storages or servers.

We believe that your library shouldn’t be dependent on your modeling software. What will happen if you want to change it? That’s why Connecter is standalone, supports pretty much all formats, and integrates with more and more products.

Connecter is completely free and will always be. The enterprise-oriented service, Connecter Server, has a long free trial, which you can start without calling a slick sales agent.

Whether for your own personal projects or multi-national company, we want you to try our solutions, use it a bit, recommend it to others and share your ideas, so we can keep improving it.

Looking forward to your feedback!