This is Connecter

Connecter is digital asset management software that aims to give you as much as possible visual information about your creative assets. It works directly with your local assets storage solutions and lets you and your team organize and use effectively all kinds of digital assets with its powerful tagging, filtering and search options. The ever growing number of integrations with other software products unlock workflows that will speed up your creative process.

Below you will find information about the latest changes and new features. Visit the website for more detailed overview of the app.

What's New in Connecter 3.0?

For the architects

After last year’s introduction of the Rhino integration, we’ve doubled down in that direction with the first iteration of Connecter’s integration with Revit. On top of the already existing functionality to show the native family preview thumbnails now you can update those thumbnails or generate bigger previews, preview all family types within a family, and explore their meta-attributes. You can, also, easily import selected family types in your projects. Check out the video for more details.

For the 3d Max users

It’s so simple - the integration allows you to quickly merge (and place/assign) models and materials from Connecter, and save/update assets the other way around. Easy, right? During the years of development we’ve been adding numerous features and workflows that at some point it just needed a proper revision - to see what actually works and what doesn't, address users’ feedback, polish certain features and get rid of annoying issues. This update is a big step in this direction as it’s coming with a complete overhaul of pretty much all assets merging workflows, streamlining the interface, and improving the performance. We’ve paid special attention to the Manage External Files feature and the use of materials.

That all is coupled with the ability to view 3ds Max materials within Connecter (introduced in 2.0) making this still one of the most powerful integrations.

3ds Max integration release notes

For the Blender community

Inspired by the evolution of Blender itself, our integration is focused entirely on doing the basics right and working reliably. In short, the add-on allows fast append and linking workflow for objects, collections, and materials with simple placing or applying options. You can save objects, collections, and materials from Blender to Connecter with the generation of custom preview using Cycles and EEVEE renderers.

The latest version offers a simplified interface, better user experience, steadier performance, and support for Blender 2.91.x.

Blender integration overview

For the PBR lovers

The Physically-Based Rendering materials are becoming the standard in so many CG related industries that it was only a matter of time to have the proper tooling for them in Connecter. The first glimpses of the better handling of PBR materials was the support for Substance materials. Now, there’s a whole panel dedicated to PBR materials, where you can visualize your own from selected textures. The tool supports glTF assets as shaderballs. Check out the video for more details.

For the texture designers

Working a lot with images? We are too. Along with reworking the lightbox gallery, we created two tools that can save you tons of time. You can now easily compare up to 4 selected images - perfect for inspecting differences or checking references. The other new “Tile image” functionality allows you to preview a selected image in a tilled view to make working with seamless textures so much easier.

For the pedantic asset library managers

Every year the world wastes the GDP of Lithuania on purchasing duplicated content. This statistic is totally fake, but it’s true that a lot of money and space is being spent on assets that shouldn’t be there. In order to help you organize and clear your library, we added a powerful Duplicate Assets finder. With just a few clicks you can discover and remove all files that plague your Workspace. Thank us later!

For sound sleep at night

Workspace backup tool

One of the drawbacks of having а Personal Workspace is that you aren’t protected from the likes of HDD malfunction, unexpectedly damaging NAS updates, and so on. To save you the nightmare of organizing your asset library in Connecter from the ground, we created a backup tool. You can set it to create automatic backups or just save your Workspace in a safe location every time you close Connecter.

For everyone

Connecter is unique, because we - our team and you - make it unique. We don’t want you to be tied to a limited space and upload every new image you need in the library. That’s why you have the freedom to use your own harddisks, cloud storages or servers.

We believe that your library shouldn’t be dependent on your modeling software. What will happen if you want to change it? That’s why Connecter is standalone, supports pretty much all formats, and integrates with more and more products.

Connecter is completely free and will always be. The enterprise-oriented service, Connecter Server, has a long free trial, which you can start without calling a slick sales agent.

Whether for your own personal projects or multi-national company, we want you to try our solutions, use it a bit, recommend it to others and share your ideas, so we can keep improving it.

Looking forward to your feedback!