Not a quantum leap, but pretty dang close to it. This release adds features

that will elevate your workflow or completely change it for the better.

Below you will find details about the most significant changes.

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Connecter Server takes your

productivity to a whole new level!

Support for all major cloud storage providers

Connecter’s Version Control and Web Catalogs run on most major cloud storage that you may already use. Its powerful compression mechanism will also save you space. You aren’t going to be locked to costly proprietary storage without a way out.

New & revamped

Connecter core features

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Awaiting your feedback!

The release of Connecter 4 is massive progress but is also just a step in the development. We already have a lot of new features in the pipeline, but we were eager to unveil what we’ve done so far and hear your opinion. 

As always, you can reach out via:

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