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Your opinion can help us shape towards your preferences

We keep a finger on the pulse of the AEC industry and try to follow the adoption cycles of most new software solutions. When a product switches from “being tested a bit” to “part of the workflow” for a lot of the leading companies, it’s prime time to introduce our support.

Our feeling is that Unreal Engine is at exactly that stage - past the hype and into a carefully thought use for certain projects.

That’s why we invested a lot of time and energy to prepare workflows for tailored support that aligns with our core principle “ready-to-use”. The product that you download from should go straight into your projects.

Before making the last step and introducing full support for Unreal Engine, we would like to hear your feedback about the software, your needs, and preferences. This will help us with the fine-tuning of what’s already prepared.

Your opinion can help us shape towards your preferences

Five assets that you can get now

True to our DNA, we trust our team of experienced artists instead of an automated tool for the file format conversion. The models originate from the 3ds Max versions which are imported in UE4 through FBX after a sleight geometry optimization. The materials are completely redone and based on an extensive library of ready-to-use UE shaders. The ultimate goal is to get a lighter model, perfect for real-time rendering, and resembling as close as possible the high-poly original.

Our process
Our Survey

It will take around 5 minutes of your time. We would like to learn some technical details as well as your preferences when it comes to downloading assets for Unreal Engine. Your opinion may influence the way we would offer the converted products. At the end of the survey, you will receive the five additional UE assets that you can see above - carpet, backgammon board, bar stool, shade, and outdoor sofa.