It's fair to say that version 5 improves every aspect of the app. 
From a brand new Feedback system through the ability to generate
custom previews within Connecter, to a revamped text box - a lot
has changed. You can find a bit about the history behind the update
in our blog.

Below we are outlining the significant new features and updates.

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Release notes | Keys & Shortcuts | YouTube channel | Connecter Insiders support group

Learn what's new in 4 minutes!

Collaborate inside Connecter 
in a completely new way!

Tons of new features
for all Connecter users

Integration updates
in Connecter 5

Awaiting your feedback!

We strongly recommend checking out the full release notes. A big part of the improvements and bug fixes outlined there came from interactions with our community. In short, you make Connecter better, so please, keep sending your  feedback and suggestions.

As always, you can reach out via:

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