The release is massive, however you look at it. It includes game-changing features like the Hybrid DAM, brand-new Maya integration, heavily requested USD & Alembic support. Check out the video overview or dive into the details.

Connecter Suite Power-user FeaturesUpdated Common Features | New & Upgraded Integrations | Full Release Notes

What's New in Under 5 Minutes!

New Power-user Features!

That's Connecter's advanced features that usually need additional setup before use and require a Connecter Suite Workspace.
Learn more about them.

Hybrid DAM

Unlock a new era of asset management with the Connecter's Hybrid DAM. This cutting-edge innovation seamlessly merges your on-premises asset library with the limitless power of cloud storage. Enjoy the advantages of both options: lightning-fast access to local assets and cloud convenience.

Shared Content Metadata

Looking for a way to discover specific assets more quickly and efficiently? The new Metadata Harvester tool is here to help with that! It collects content metadata like preview thumbnails, resolution, last date of modification, and more from the assets in the Workplace so you and your team members don’t waste time and effort browsing through your library.

Collections in Web Catalogs

As more efficient collaboration is the focus of the new release, now you’ll have the option to create Collections of assets in Web Catalogs that Partners and team members not using the Connecter desktop app can see, rate, and modify. This new feature allows everybody to stay in the loop and speeds up decision-making time.

Collaborative Ratings

Discover the all-new Rating feature in Connecter that has been reimagined and revamped to empower your feedback like never before. We've listened to your suggestions and taken your user experience to heart, resulting in a feature that goes above and beyond to ensure you can contribute your insights.

Workspace Activity

The activity stream is your window into seamless collaboration and enhanced productivity. Stay ahead with our Workspace Activty tool, allowing you to monitor every move your team members make effortlessly. Enjoy unparalleled transparency into your Workspace operations, bolster security measures, and streamline teamwork.

Common Features Updates

Features that come out of the box with Connecter after setting up or connecting to any Workspace type.
Learn more about them.

USD & Alembic

USD & Alembic Support

We're thrilled to announce the support of two of the most hyped file formats -  Alembic and USD. They are part of more and more  revolutionizing the way you manage and collaborate on your digital assets. You’ll be able to interactively preview these file formats directly in the Asset View.

Improved Copy/Move/Delete

Improved Copy/Move/Delete

Enjoy a new level of efficiency and ease with our latest update. We've revamped the Copy, Move, and Delete features to provide an unparalleled user experience that streamlines your workflow and empowers your productivity. 

Mass Relocation

Mass Relocation

Got some misplaced assets in your library? You no longer have to relocate them one by one. Just select them and point to the folder where they belong. The relocation can also check the subfolders so everything goes back in place.

New & Upgraded Integrations

Connecter's first Maya integration

This alpha version of the plugin brings some of the most essential features that will make working with the host software a lot faster. Merge & place, replace, and add assets from existing projects to Connecter. It’s simple, fast, and effective. Give it a try and feel free to provide 
feedback and suggestions!

3ds Max version 3.0

Released ahead of Connecter 6, it brings important updates to the Proxy workflows and fully supports Forest Pack, RailClone, Chaos Scatter, and other parametric assets. This integration sets the tone for all others.

Cinema 4D version 2.0

Dubbed the “great equalizer,” version 2 levels it with the most advanced one - 3ds Max. Brand new interface, Generate Custom Previews support through dedicated instances, and more.

Awaiting your feedback!

The release of Connecter 6 is massive progress but is also just a step in the
development. We already have a lot of new features in the pipeline, but we were eager to unveil what we’ve done so far and hear your opinion.

As always, you can reach out via: